An X-Files Episode That Never Was — “Where’s The Beef?”

Original Source Story.

Back about 1996 when the X-Files was reaching its midpoint as a series, I wrote a spec-script and sent it to Chris Carter via the production company. Obviously, the script was probably never seen as coming in without an agent almost guaranteed it would never get a peek.

The story was called “Where’s The Beef?” It was a horror story that could be called a “Mythology” episode as it involved a monstrous global operation being green-lighted via the United Nations as a rational response to the supposed threat of exploding human population. The UN was in league with a shadowy corporation which was in the Big Meat business. This shadowy corporation was being run by lycanthropes — werewolves like in The Howling — who were more than happy to slaughter Third World populations while the global media ran a blackout on news (Internet wasn’t real big back then). These populations were being taken to secret slaughter plants, killed, and the meat harvested for processing and distribution through a single chain of hamburger stands in the U.S. and Europe.

Scully and Mulder are tipped to check into the meat being sold, get a raw patty and analyze it. Low and behold, that patty of “beef” ain’t beef at all. It’s human meat. And the episode begins with Scully in line buying one of their burgers.

The tip comes from a renegade group inside Army Special Forces that knows what’s going on and are attacking the corporation covertly, hitting truck convoys that are transporting humans to the processing plants.

I ran across the video above while browsing Youtube for info on the Alex Jones apology to the owner of the sinister pizza parlor at the heart of the #Pizzagate scandal.

Again, my own muse can’t get any more wild than apparent reality. This one is so crazy it is guaranteed to not be believed by the majority who will probably start eating MORE McDonald’s soft-kill weaponized fast food now that Hollywood is making cannibalism just so damn cool. This one has built-in plausible deniability that is off the charts. Nobody will want to even consider that this could be true.

Is it real? Probably not. seems like an Onion-type site but that didn’t stop the maker of the video at the top from flipping out and red-alerting everybody. But are we actually dealing with people who would contemplate such an obscene scenario in the first place? Well, look into pizzagate. Men and women who can routinely engage in something like that are capable of ANYTHING.

I stopped eating at McDonald’s a LOOONG time ago. It wasn’t over this issue, something just as diabolical. Watching Super-Size Me should be reason enough for any sane individual with half-an-inch of forehead.

This next video is very uncomfortable to listen to; it backs up the “fake” story above. There is only one way to confirm or deny this: get raw patties from McDonald’s and perform independent tests to see if human meat is in the burgers or not.

An article on RT details how an independent test of hot dogs and sausages DID detect the presence of human DNA in the product.