The Blue Falcon Press Born-On Date

On this day in 2015, BFP was born by notice of verbal declaration to a class full of witnesses and the distribution of a flyer about the school that let the local world know that the FIRST INSTALLMENT of the new action-horror novel series called Special Task Force: GREEN MAJIK was on the market at Amazon in the Kindle store.

So Happy 2nd Anniversary to BFP. With the current events of late, the Founder ponders whether there might be a 3rd Anniversary for BFP or for any of us. The lack of concern for this prospect facing all of humanity displayed by the video screen hypnotized zombies surrounding me is dumbfounding. News flash to the masses: global nuclear war, limited or not, is NOT SURVIVABLE. It will affect everybody. Even you with your smartphone in your face right now because most are probably reading this on a smartphone. The alpha monkeys we’ve let ascend to the offices that “lead” us, when they throw their final fits of rage and let the nukes off the chain, you won’t watch the Event safe on your smartphone YouTube app. When the nukes air burst over your city, the lucky ones will be vaporized instantly in the flash of heat and light that is a miniature version of the surface of the sun. Yeah, that’s what a nuclear blast is. It is the surface of the sun brought down to the surface of the earth. Get it?

The ones that survive will be the cursed. Think of these Millennials lurching about with no data stream to jack into anymore. Raging at the black screens that no longer provide every waking moment with vapid entertainment. All electronics are fried now due to the massive EMP blasts resulting from the detonation of nuclear munitions in the atmosphere of the earth. All modern conveniences are gone. No running water. No electricity. No more food being delivered to the quickie mart. And radioactive ash will be raining out of the sky for weeks blanketing the landscape in Death for thousands of years of half-life like dry gray snow that doesn’t melt. That’s what the screen addicted and everyone else will face in the aftermath of global thermonuclear war.

Very few will survive this. Civilization as we know it today will be gone for a very long time. It can happen. If the species doesn’t stand up now and stop it from happening it will, in all probability, happen.

The Churchers look at these events and say, “Praise Jesus! The End is near!” Armageddon must happen in the minds of these folks or their prophecies are all lies. In view of the quantum fact that consciousness is the governor of matter itself, a majority of strong intentions like those of the fervent believers becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

The opposite of this is also a probable outcome, should enough of us put the charged intentions out there in the universe to cancel the demand that Armageddon must happen.

Armageddon has been canceled.

51% of the world’s people get it into their MINDS that Armageddon has been canceled, the material world will obey that directive. This is the way the World really works. We all, individually, have the power of the Cosmos at our disposal. It is our consciousness. When individuals band together with the same conscious determination that Armageddon has been canceled, when these numbers are geometrically powerful enough as a result of singular intense focus then reality is affected.

The quantum physics of Consciousness is the Way and the Truth, down and out of this insane spiral that the Alpha Baboons (leaders) want to take this in.

We all must figure out how to Change our Minds right now.