Welcome to my Nightmare. The Publication Schedule Thru 2018

I give myself the space to let my subconscious really work on a problem, to the point that it seems that I am procrastinating and avoiding the writing. Then something breaks free, a blinding flash of insight roars through my brainpan like white lightning and I know.

It happened again Sunday night. That voice which told me to finish the novel was back. This time: Write the first Exterminator before Splatterpunk.

The whole layout of the story according to the 3-Act Paradigm was in clear focus. I wrote it down in a frenzy and began the 4-Step Planning Process.  Now, the reader will understand what burns at the core of this scary dude named Luke Holland in Special Task Force: GREEN MAJIK #1. You will be given an inside seat to how Luke Holland became the most wanted “terrorist” in the world and what it was that put him into a brutal war of attrition against Cop and State.

This book will be my Pet Cemetery. Pet Cemetery was the only Stephen King book that really got under my skin. It was so uneasy for me because I knew that if I went through what the father in that book went through…I’d have done the same thing.

So at the core, Exterminator #1 will be about a father’s relationship to his son. The rest, well, the rest will leave you even more shaken to your soul than GREEN MAJIK #1 did.