Test-driving some Twitter Book Barkers

The thought of marketing has gotten me so worked up, I haven’t been working of late, worried I’m writing for naught; alas, there are no readers, no tribe, for this one out there. Hang up the spurs and go home.

I almost did. But, a critical mass has to be reached before the psychological barrier fails and the subconscious roars through the rend with A Solution.

The Solution was in three words: Just Do it.

So I did. My first experiment was to spend $100 or less to see what kind of bang I get for that buck. So I opted on trying 1. Freebooksy.com and 2. Tweet Your Books.com.

I went with a 1-Day long campaign with both vendors and used one of my five free days on Kindle for the current 90 day period. The cost: $85 for Freebooksy and $10 for Tweet Your Books with a $95 total price tag. Perfect, I was below the $100 threshold.

I inserted my message into a format I saw on another TYB Tweet and the content was the same for both my promoters. It looked like this:

As of midnight, 1 June (the promotion was executed on May 31) I had a total of 1911 downloads and my novel was #1 in my lead category of Pulp.

In conclusion, the results speak. I made a wise investment.