The Truth Is Out There…with multiple false leads

“They police us and spy on us, tell us that makes us safer. We’ve never been in more danger.” — Fox Mulder

The X-Files is back after 13 years in hibernation. It’s good to have Scully and Mulder back on the case. For those who were following the series back in the day, you know that the series couldn’t seem to make up its mind on key points. Like the whole alien colonization question. Is it real? Or is it Memorex? Well, with the release of Episode 1 of Season 10 — the evidence is dropped that there are aliens but that they’re not involved in the conspiracy. Evil men (the New World Order cabal) are using alien technology to bring about the fall of humanity. Humans are being abducted to be guinea pigs for genetic modification experiments using alien DNA.

The teaser is a Fox Mulder voice over bringing us up to speed on the story since the series ended in Season 9. There are some nice pieces of footage made to look like eyewitness video of UFOs being chased over East Coast bridges by what look like Jolly Green Giant helicopters, the triangular shaped craft over the desert, old style news reels of the UFO flap over Washington, D.C. in the fifties.

The story opens with Dana Scully preparing for surgery when she gets an urgent phone call from Assistant Director Skinner. Skinner is looking for Mulder. Only Scully seems to know how to find the reclusive Fox Mulder. She calls Mulder and gives him the message that Skinner is being probed by an Internet talk show personality and this person wants to meet Mulder and Scully. I like the fact that Scully and Mulder look like they’ve got some living under their belts now.

Enter the Alex Jones based character named Tad O’Malley. He’s got Alex Jones’ mind and integrity and Glenn Beck’s fortune. I initially didn’t like this but the more I watched, the more I could see an advantage to making this character have significant financial means. For one thing, it means he can’t be bought. Kind of like The Donald in that respect. It’s important to be financially independent when dealing with the people who run the world from the shadows.

O’Malley has something to show Mulder. It’s another abductee, one Mulder dealt with during the original run of the series. She was a child then. She’s claiming to have psychic abilities as a result of the experiments done on her to make a hybrid out of her. So Dana Scully is off to the lab again to do blood tests, DNA tests.

While Mulder is introduced to the reality of man-made UFOs hidden in a warehouse somewhere off the radar. He is shown a real triangular shaped UFO, engineered using captured technology from Roswell. It runs on gravitational fields and can turn invisible. Now the wheels are turning. Mulder is seeing that the whole alien invasion story line is propaganda hiding the reality that men are flying the UFOs, not aliens. It’s all plausible deniability built into the abduction program to hide the truth of the genetic experimentation.

Once Mulder puts the pieces together, he enlists Tad to go public with the story. But the evil cabal gets to their star abductee and pressure her to go to the press and claim Tad has been using her, coaching her story, all to sell conspiracy and make a fortune. And the clean-up operation begins.

The abductee is killed by a triangular UFO. Tad O’Malley’s website goes offline. The captured UFO is destroyed by commandos driving HUMVEEs. (Reality Note for Chris Carter: in real life, they’d be driving black Suburbans and be dressed like Blackwater contractors or Secret Service.) How do I know that? I just know it.

The episode ends with one of the evil cabal getting a phone call. As the camera pans around this figure, we see it is the Cigarette Smoking Man (I thought he got killed by Krycheck in the original series by being pushing down the stairs in his wheelchair). He’s just been informed that the X-Files have been reopened. Mulder is back on the job.

All I can say is — BRING BACK THE LONE GUNMEN!! Killing them off was the biggest mistake of the original series. See my first blog post on Chris Carter and Season Ten for great details on how to explain that the Lone Gunmen are still alive and could be reintroduced to the series.

All in all, a 5 star performance. Welcome back. It’s like you never left.


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