Tag Cloud Flasher

22 December 2016

I’ve been clicking around in my new layout for BFP now that I’ve completely sectioned off the Publishing site from the Blog site. This feels right now. So I’ve been looking at the pages individually, fixing typos, etc. I’ve been exposed to the Tag Cloud widget you can plug into a blog and I realized just how interesting this function is in revealing the true universe of subjects a blog deals with.

My tag cloud is an excellent representation of what’s important to me in the world but it’s also a great semantic map of the GREEN MAJIK universe as well.

The size of the type for each tag also tells you something. The larger the type means that this term is used a lot in the blog content. From the screenshot I took, I focused on the content of my tag cloud which had the two biggest subject tags visually which are ALEISTER CROWLEY and GREEN MAJIK. ALEX JONES isn’t as big as CROWLEY but sits right next to CROWLEY. So we know that Alex Jones is almost talked about on this blog as much as Aleister Crowley and GREEN MAJIK are. You can’t see it in this screen shot but the another big subject matter in the cloud is the name ROBERT ANTON WILSON. This is only natural as my understanding of what Crowley really represents has been heavily influenced by Wilson’s conclusions on Crowley and his system.

I urge everyone to investigate the books of Robert Anton Wilson. What a great gift to humanity he turned out to be.