Mallory Hammond and the Astral Lodge

Mallory Hammond is my favorite character in the series.

She is such a strong character that she can carry an entire series of her own. Expect to see it evolve that way. I just need a title for her series. Feel free to submit suggestions via the Bat Phone (

The gestalt for Mallory Hammond flourished from this one command-line statement: Mallory Hammond is Fox Mulder in Scully’s body. Today, Mallory has outgrown those britches. She is so much more now than Fox Mulder in Scully’s body. She’s on her own unique trajectory with Destiny. One that doesn’t involve aliens or UFOs. She is on the path of the Adept. She is a determined Seeker on the Path of the Western Esoteric Tradition (WET).

Mallory Hammond has determined through skullduggery and library research that the path for her to follow is the classic method of initiation as revealed by the grade rituals of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn but as interpreted through the lens of Aleister Crowley and the New Aeon.

As will be revealed in a 50K word novella dedicated to how Mallory found her Mojo, she is led to settle upon the fundamental correctness to Crowley’s claim that humanity has entered a new phase of evolution, a New Aeon. Rather than pursue initiation through the existing orders carrying on Crowley’s legacy, her benefactor counsels her to seek her initiations in the Astral Lodge instead.

According to scholars and practitioners of Crowley, the New Aeon’s highest virtue is the complete reliance upon one’s Self. Note the capitalized form of the word. There is a difference between self and Self. It is the difference between god and God. Now, if the New Aeon represents human beings becoming completely self-autonomous, then the only form of initiation that would be valid in the New Aeon is that of Self-Initiation.

The method of the Gonzo Novelist is to live the material in order to write it.

Therefore, if I am to portray Mallory Hammond’s spiritual Quest with any authority, I must be undertaking the same Path she is or how am I to really portray the ordeals of this choice if I’m not undergoing the same myself?

I’m announcing that a book is forthcoming called Mallory Hammond and the Astral Lodge. It will open with the novella telling how Mallory constructed her system of Self-Initiation. It will introduce the character who, in the novel universe, is Aleister Crowley reincarnated. His name is Adam Iff.

Following the novella will be the complete system of Self-Initiation of Mallory Hammond which anyone can follow at home. It is a modified system, completely fleshed out, of the Grade Papers for the Thelemic Order of the Golden Dawn.

The events of the novella pre-date the events of Pretty Hate Machine by a year.

UPDATE: The Order Mallory Hammond is utilizing in the Universe next door is known as the New Unorganized Order of the Golden Dawn (Star Lodge). Interestingly enough, this order has a presence in OUR universe as well. Click here.