[Note: this essay represents my final Philosophical Analysis Paper for a Philosophy of Religion class I took as an elective. The class loved to walk on eggshells around Islam but trash Christianity. So it is time to tell the Rest Of The Story, as Paul Harvey would say.]

The most “appropriate” attitude to bring to the table when studying religion is that of hard-nosed skepticism with no box of passes for the religion (1) which is currently in favor with the totalitarian left. I have sat through this class and bitten my tongue but those days are over. First, I have an axe to grind against ALL religion. Religion is the kissing cousin of the other worst thing to ever befall humanity: the State. Second, religion is not spirituality or occultism. Religion is a control grid extended over a population which regulates behaviors and beliefs on the part of the masses and those beliefs are always beliefs which end up being harmonious to maintaining the local ruling hierarchy, a gang of parasites living off the productiveness of the subject population. This is MY thesis as to the nature of religion when stripped to its most fundamental reality. Religion is an enemy of free humanity, just like the State and religion exists to legitimize the rule of pirates by invoking divine decree to dazzle the masses with. I loath religion for all the sickening atrocities it enthusiastically encourages among the tribes of humanity.

I am not a Christian and I am not a Thelemite (although as a philosophy, I am an enthusiastic Thelemite). I have to say, in light of the psychopathic political Left in this country, when push comes to shove, I will be standing that line daring the jihadi trash and the social justice trash to cross in order to get to the Christians. If I hear one more moron screech about the “threat” of Christianity to ANYTHING in this country, I’m going to have to beat them like a gong with the Truth.

TRUTH: The Christians control NOTHING in this country. They influence NOTHING. Their biggest denominations are completely PACIFIED by LEFTIST GOVERNMENT FORCES in the form of the CLERGY RESPONSE TEAM. (2)

The left just wants to slaughter Christians because Christians believe in something higher than the State. The State, if the Left gets its way, will be the only God and the only religion. The Republicans are in league with the left on every agenda they’re out to pass. Their “opposition” is all window dressing.

As a philosophical Thelemite, I accept the usefulness of Crowley’s metaphor of the Succession of the Aeons and that we as a species have entered the Aeon of Horus, the third since humans have been banding together in tribes. (3)

Think of Horus as the Age of the Sovereign Individual (4).

All my musings on this translation stem from two verses in the BotL (Book of the Law).

  1. Every man and every woman is a star.
  2. The word of sin is restriction.

These two verses are the foundation for the World Tomorrow.

What does a world of individual sovereigns look like?

For one thing, in the World Tomorrow, government will take the place of the boogeyman in children’s bedtime stories. Government will become a memory, a myth, something that only stupid people believed in.

The New Aeon represents above all else, radical decentralization of all coercive power structures. Coercive power structures represent pure restriction in action.

If the word of sin is restriction then the instrumentality of sin must be hierarchy. The reality of the New Aeon in full blown manifestation represents a world no longer organized into hierarchies.

And herein lies my decision to remain separate from the modern initiatory orders: all of these organizations are hierarchies. Hierarchies are Old Aeon. Until these organizations decentralize radically, they are the bitter clingers.

Not only will hierarchy be dismantled but leaders in the sense current society worships the leader cult will become another thing of the past, like the dodo bird.

Society, when the New Aeon has fully bloomed, will become cellular and leaderless (5). When every man and every woman is accorded the same standing we give royalty today – the Supreme Leader game is over. And good riddance to that disgusting chink in primate psychology that utterly needs to be transcended consciously and willingly. Left to their own designs, humans as a group naturally gravitate towards cooperation. It takes a Leader to stir up the primates and get them into senseless wars with their neighbors. Behind every one of history’s shocking list of atrocities you will find a Leader instigating it all. Far better for one to be their own Supreme Leader than to entrust that into another person who, nine times out of ten, ends up being a pure psychopath at the core. Only psychopathic control freaks want to be rulers. Trying to solve our problems by finding the “right” leader is another demonstration of Einstein’s definition of insanity. Remember, insanity is a gerbil wheel. It is constantly doing the same thing while expecting to get a new result. That’s politics. That’s government. This ten steps backwards insanity is about to be voted off the island.

The Christians as a group claim that the god of this world is Satan. Poppycock. The false god of this world is Triune in nature just like the Christian god. The false gods of this world are the fictions of Church, State, and Corporation. Coercive, soulless psychopath-enablers all.

They are crumbling before our eyes.

Rejoice that their end is near.

In the absence of Restriction there is Liberty.

This planet has never had real self rule. The New Aeon is taking us there. This is the next phase in our upward spiral to godhood. We must divorce ourselves from the Toxic Parents. These evil parasites are pulling out all the stops to maintain their Old Aeon systems in the face of this titanic global shift towards the empowerment of the individual.

Rest assured, the New World Order is dead on arrival.