A Pulp Action Novelist Covers Steal The Vote Colorado

The protest was supposed to be in front of the criminal command base of the GOP Colorado headquarters in Greenwood Village — a high income burg that John Elway and other crony criminals in the local market call home. I left my car in Englewood and took the light rail to get to the scene of the protest. On the train, I took a seat and noticed the four street people on the train, too. Two girls, two stoned to the gills looking boys. One of the girls was reading a newspaper and talking shit about Trump. Lights went on. Ah ha. Probably a cadre of Soros funded protestors inbound to the counter-GOP Steal The Vote protest. So I took some pictures of them. Note the military SWAT type boots the girls are wearing.


Here’s another shot showing faces.


The GOP headquarters is a few blocks east of the Orchard Street exit I was going to be getting off at. I figured if the street people got off with me, they were headed to the same place I was. Alas, they stayed on, I got off and wandered around DTC looking for Willow Drive. I found the address with a couple hours yet before the protest was to start. I wasn’t seeing anyone hanging out, either for or against the order of the day. Then a little more walking around and I saw the sign: PROTEST HAS BEEN MOVED TO THE STATE CAPITAL.

I’m glad I decided to do light rail and not my car. Back on the train I go. I text my son in Arkansas that I’m inbound to the protest. He tells me to be careful. I will but deep down, I’m hoping for trouble from some social justice warrior piece of trash.

The train takes me to Union Station. I take the 16th Street Mall shuttle all the way to Broadway. I get to the Capital with ten minutes to spare. The crowd is starting to gather. When I get across Colfax to the Capital proper, I see the main force of protestors all standing on the steps of the capital posing for a phalanx of news cameras. One, the crowd is much smaller than I was hoping for. Probably had something to do with the last minute change of venue. Two, no evidence of Infowars reporters. I look around the crowd, checking all the media. Nope, Infowars is a no show at the start of the rally. And not only was Infowars missing in action — so were the anti-Trump communists. They had ONE FUCKING GUY there. Let’s take a look at this paragon of political brownshirting:


Wow. What a let down. I confronted this creature, asked him where all his buddies were. He didn’t answer. So I asked, “So are you making $15 an hour from George Soros to be here?” No answer. No fight here. I guess I have to go to Chicago or New York to get the kind of contest I’m looking for. They won’t run their sucks unless there are a hundred or more of them in attendance. If they’re alone, they’re cowards.

The crowd of protestors aren’t as fired up as I thought it was going to be. Somebody starts the protest with the usual boilerplate about tyranny, voting counting, etc. Then some Colorado legislators come out on the balcony over the crowd and start stumping for Trump. I’ve got some video of that moment and will post an edited compilation later.

There was a probable agent provocateur on hand as well. He was screeching that none of this vote protest matters, it won’t fix anything, what we need is an army. We need to get an army together now because we’re going to have to force them all out on the points of fixed bayonets.

Then Joe Biggs shows up, the beach head because he was the only one from Infowars there. His camera boys were AWOL.


Joe is concerned about the lack of shutter coverage. I tell him that there are about a billion cameras in the immediate vicinity. Pick one.

I stayed on the ground for about forty minutes of the rally. Then I break off to make the run back to the car and head to work. I’m 30 minutes late getting to work. It’s a just cause.

Let’s look at what’s happened since Friday. The GOP still doesn’t get it. They just cancelled the primary in Wyoming, too. What makes these shills think they’re going to get away with this without reaping the whirlwind?

I’ll tell you why I’m supporting Trump.

He’s going to scatter the oligarchy to the four winds. That, in itself, will buy Liberty the time she needs to do the rest.

This is going to be a white-knuckle ride all the way to the finish line, bank on it.