“Indefensible Frauds”

“Indefensible Frauds”
House Of Cards” Season 3. (My guilty indulgence.)

Yeah, I know the show is in Season 5 or something now. Regardless – Wow. Just wow.

I’ve watched the first 6 episodes the whole season now and the departures from reality have to be commented upon. I watched the first two seasons and thought that the series really did come close to depicting how government really works. It is a criminal operation. Period. Irredeemable as it is anti-human. The quicker we abolish this abomination, the better off we’ll all be.

I suspect that the characters of Frank Underwood and Clare Underwood are a thinly veiled reconstitution of Bill and Hillary. But they’ve improved upon Bill and Hillary in this political fantasy on nitrous oxide. Frank and Clare are a TEAM. I am in abject amazement at their relationship. It is the way every man and every woman should conduct themselves as a unit. Supporting each other. Working for the same goal. Talking to each other, not evading each other, and telling each other everything. They are two peas in a pod. You mess with one of them, you mess with both of them. On this level, they are admirable.

On every other level, the two of them need to be pushed down the stairs to their deaths – something Frank Underwood wished he could do to the Russian president in the third episode. I have to give grudging kudos to the leftist spin doctors writing this series. They honestly portrayed Russians in this episode. Of course, their objective was to push the anti-Russian agenda of the Obama Administration with shameless aplomb. After all, global nuclear holocaust is loving and liberal.

Let’s note the ways in which this political “drama” is really a ridiculous fantasy…especially in view of the FACTS of reality when contrasting the universe of House of Cards to the one we’re living in right now, during this election cycle – our last election cycle if the Establishment has it’s way.

First of all, we are served up this image of a Democratic President (Frank Underwood) under literal SIEGE from the Mainstream Democratic Operative Media. Excuse me? Democrat scum throwing Democrat scum under the bus in prime time? Not in this universe. That is so over the top it wouldn’t be tolerated in the GREEN MAJIK universe as well. Who are you chumps trying to shine here? The Mainstream Media does nothing but aid and abet EVERY hardcore Leftist scum holding office. Except Bernie Sanders. He won. Hillary stole it. And all the socialist snowflake trigglypuffs took it on the chin and SAT DOWN. Well, the TRUMP side of this argument has clearly demonstrated that nomination stealing isn’t going to happen on this side of the aisle. News flash from the near future: the politically correct are not going to win this argument. Welcome to the revolution.

What is most jarring about House of Cards is how the Mainstream Media in that fantasy universe acts like a semi-conscious entity which understands that it is supposed to INVESTIGATE things, not obfuscate.

As a writer, I love how the writers of this show so humanize these criminal psychopaths. You’ve gotta do that if you are really interested in creating interesting villains. I admit to going out of my way to make my villains as interesting and as human in little ways as my heroes and heroines. So the show is continuing to fire on all cylinders on that level. My villains aren’t pure black. Neither are Frank and Claire. There’s things about them you might find likable even. You’ve got to do that or you’re just peddling cardboard cutouts in a bad comic book.

And like the Michael Jackson song sez, these are some smooth criminals.

I’m a fan of good soundtrack music and I like the theme music to this series. I’m glad they’re not monkeying with it season to season like other shows have done. I like the opening scenes with all the shots from all over D.C. while the theme music plays out. I’ve been in a lot of those places while I was in the Army Operations Center at the Pentagon for 18 months. It is a pretty city and with history that goes almost back to the beginning of the republic.

The theme music seems to imbue some kind of awe and grandeur to the criminal bamboozle that big government is. It’s wrapped in a noble cause and put up on stately horses strutting on parade. But underneath the stirring themes lurks a pit of vipers. I look at the monsters in the Underwoods and the real world monsters in the Clintons and compare them to the wise guys Mack Bolan used to blow away for far less than anything Bill and Hillary have been engaged in and I have to conclude that the Sicilian Mafia is a non-threat compared to government.

Reforming government is impossible. Everyone needs to face that. The American Experiment proves that. Government is designed to allow the Frank Underwoods of the world to easily take control and burn down the world. Hierarchies are inherently susceptible to being run by psychopaths. I call them psychopath enablers.

Frank Underwood is more than an enabled psychopath; he’s Satan himself. He pushed a female reporter who became a liability in front of a Metro train to protect his murderous rise to the Presidency. He murders a member of Congress by letting the drunk bastard pass out in his car while its running. Frank exits the guy’s car and closes the garage door behind him and then pines about the noble statesman fighting inner demons who finally won. He seems to know no limits. Like Obama, he’s going to do whatever the hell he wants regardless of what Congress or the Senate says about it. Take for example the recess appointment of his Machiavellian wife to the position of Ambassador to the U.N. after the Senate voted on the appointment and said no. Granted, she pressed for it and he went for it in a nice scene that didn’t become a battle of wills with Hillary throwing flower pots at Bill and his Secret Service detail. It’s another awesome scene that demonstrates that relationship I marvel at so much. Clare comes in with both guns blazing to demand he appoint her in a recess appointment blah blah while he’s making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich in the White House kitchen and he just says, “Okay. I’ll do it.” He offers his sandwich plate. “Sure you don’t want half?”

Needless to say, Clare is just robbed of words.

Then in the most blatant association yet of Underwood = Satan we were served up this scene of Underwood in the National Cathedral (I think) confronting Christ on the cross. He says, “Love? That’s what you’re peddling?” He spits in the Christ’s face and then – the Christ moves on its own and launches off the cross at Underwood to shatter on the floor into porcelain shrapnel. I would take that as a definite sign. If this were taking place in the Old Testament, this would be a definite sign that Jehovah is about to unleash the Seven Plagues of Egypt on this arrogant upstart.

So I predict now God is going to give Frank Underwood a run for his money, throwing God’s favorite operative into Frank’s machinery like a monkey wrench – Corporal Murphy.

Yep, the calamities multiply like bunnies fucking. By the end of this season, that team Frank and Clare made that has so impressed me is up on the rocks. Honestly, by the time I got to the last disk and started watching it, I was seeing things floating around there that seemed to be setting up the shock ending to this season. I saw Clare stumping for Frank on the campaign trail and she was polling better than the candidates. I thought, “Ah so! I bet Clare is going to pull an 11th hour surprise and enter the race on her own, going against Frank and Dunbar.” But no. She only leaves him. I think my idea would have been a better way to sign off for the season but what do I know?

Doug Stamper plays an A game of both ends against the middle throughout the season. It ends up he finds Rachel, and the way these scam dogs behind the camera have shot this thing, we’re led to believe he has killed Rachel even though all we see is him throwing the last shovelful of dirt on the grave he had dug for her earlier before letting her go then turning around and driving after her. I just know these cheap shots have saved Rachel for something in the next season. Whenever they do shit like this, you know it’s a trick. Think about Red. When we’re led to believe that Morgan Freeman’s character Joe was just assassinated in the old folks home. Same damn thing going on here. So I don’t believe Rachel is really dead. Doug loves her too much. He can’t kill her.

I have to say the Cheap Shot of the Season was the mid-season plot about a gay activist thrown in jail in Moscow for protesting Russian “oppression” of gays. Obviously some memo came down from the Department of Toxic Culture to ram gay everything down all our throats again packaged in ham-handed morality plays with mandatory virtue signaling in spades. This whole piece was so broken, obvious, and pandering that it stuck out like a baby thrown in the blender. This “character” (so insignificant and unremarkable to remain nameless) is nothing but a body blowing off propaganda, swill that sounds so canned and contrived that it’s embarrassing. I was embarrassed for gays with functioning brains like Milo watching this glib PSA for militant gay rights. Clare is dispatched to go to the cell of this gallant gay activist and let him know the terms of his release. He’s suppose to kiss the Kremlin’s ass and apologize for being gay and he get’s to go home immediately, on Air Force One for fuck’s sake! His husband is waiting back stateside and all will be well. It’s only words, she tells him. You can renounce them as soon as AF1 is out of Russian airspace. (To career control freaks like Clare, words always are meaningless, to be honored so long as it advantageous to the Cause.) But our Oh So Honorable Gay Activist refuses to make the statement, which now has ramifications for Frank who has assured the Russian Prez that the dolt will utter the words with 99.9% probability. The fag MUST say the words, as written, or the whole thing is off. No AF1. No husband back home. Boo hoo. Clare decides she’s going to stay in the cell with this attention freak (that’s really what he is when he “opens” up about his true despicable nature to Clare’s listening ear) and pull a sit-in to show her solidarity. Well, Clare nods off and wakes up the next morning when the cell is opened so the President can drag her out of there, Noble Gay Guy has hung himself. Oh, the horrors. (Totally unbelievable. This “character” doesn’t have the motivations to kill himself for his cause. He’s a coward and has admitted to being as much. This isn’t drama. It’s shameless black propaganda.) I’ll tell you. This scene didn’t make me clutch my heart strings. It made me want to throw up. The final straw was Clare making an inflamed ad lib diatribe against the barbaric Russian people for their bigotry that killed this Christlike fag and storms off, leaving Frank and the Russian Prez with their dicks out in front of global media. Clare is a power-seeking fiend just like Frank and I don’t see her making a desperate emotional freak show display like this that will have serious ramifications for their next White House bid. In the end, the characters were just marionettes dancing to a political agenda, spewing words out of their mouths that made no sense other than alternative moral grandstanding. Oh, and then there was the attempted gay love scene between the writer and Frank in another tender moment. This one was more in line with established character in that we learned Frank might be bisexual when he and Clare and his favorite Secret Service guard dog did the nasty together one night in Season 1.

Season 3 was watchable, had great writing and jaw dropping examples of ham-fisted Leftist propaganda.