If I Hate Government So Much, Why Are All My Characters WORKING For It?

Well, it’s called Waking-Up-To-The-Evil-Of-Your-Employer-And-Deciding-To-Engage-In-Subversion-As-A-Result. My characters are all like Snowden. And the best way to bring down an enemy is to do it from within. An added benefit of this creative choice of mine is that I get to really depict the true nature and purpose of the State up close and personal, where it scores uncomfortable points with the riff-raff because deep down in the basement level of their souls, they understand that the Government is their mortal enemy. I’m just rubbing your face in that fact while sugar-coating the shock with jaw-dropping action-horror fiction.

This isn’t your Grandpa’s action fiction experience. You’ll find that old-school style of pulp hero pitted against government, not working for it as its avenging agent. That’s where my stuff differs radically from the typical balm published as action-adventure fiction. No government worshipers here. No reinforcement of the meme that government is there to protect us from ourselves. Government exists to prey on the people for the benefit of a parasitical, hidden Ruling Class. That’s as bare bones as the subject can be summarized.

Indeed, any attempt to “reform” government and put it on a “beneficial” mission for humanity demonstrates Einstein’s definition of insanity. Government can never be reformed because it’s essential nature has nothing to do with protecting life, liberty, and property. It exists to confiscate all that. To change all that so fundamentally means that whatever it is you’re left with, it wouldn’t be government or the State at all. Rather, this structure would probably more resemble the voluntary society of pure libertarianism.

I think the greatest argument to be made that government and the State can NEVER be reformed or defanged is the American experiment itself. I believe the Constitution was designed to deliver us into the arms of Leviathan, not put Leviathan in a box. A number of “mainstream” libertarians seem to profess this devastating Truth to patriot mythology that should be front and center in the debate over  “returning to the letter of the Constitution.” This is tantamount to setting the doomsday clock back to zero and starting the countdown to Oblivion all over again. Thomas J. Lorenzo should have no problem with me characterizing him as being a proponent of my perspective on this. He wrote a book called Hamilton’s Curse and unless I was hallucinating, all of the above was his thesis statement. I believe Becky Akers would have to grudgingly admit to being sympathetic to this viewpoint as well.

This fiction of mine is staunchly anti-statist. And yes you can take a deliberate, definitive SIDE on an issue and still write fiction that is full-speed ahead entertainment first and never devolves into petty demagoguery.