I fight with “libertarians” as much as I fight with the Terrorist Left

How’s that for some “balance”? I’ve recently engaged a libertarian whiner on LewRockwell.com, Jack Perry, who has been screeching of late he can no longer support Trump over abuses of executive power on the part of Donald Trump. He hasn’t responded to my emails and probably won’t, but I’ll share the offensive barbs for the sake of The Record.

Here’s the original whine by Jack Perry.

Here’s the email his piece inspired me to send him:


Yo, it would be SOOOOOO much better if Killery had been elected, huh? Liberty has a real shot at reestablishing itself in this fucking country now that Trump is breaking the back of the fucking oligarchy. I don’t agree with government force, either, but I recognize a good thing when I see it. I’m sick of “libertarians” who won’t lift a fucking finger to do something (like vote) because candidate A isn’t a “purist” on every little point. You’ll never get the purist but what you do get for standing on your honor line is more trash in government and the steady erosion into absolute government continues unabated.

Nobody hates government more than me. In fact, 96% of humanity’s problems disappear 10 seconds after we abolish government.”

Today, Jack’s blog post is all virtue-signalling about his Piety (which is beyond reproach).

To which I emailed this short second salvo:

“Yo, Jack.

Why don’t you answer MY criticism of your Trump whine? Question: Does Liberty have a BETTER chance under Trump than it would have gotten under a Hillary dictatorship? The difference here? Trump isn’t going to send jackbooted thugs after you for your criticism.

Newsflash, Jack: RELIGION is the second worst thing to infect the minds of men and women. The first? The State. Let’s get something straight before you start accusing me of atheism, Jack. I am fully convinced that there is only one source for all things. I call this God. I am very spiritual; spirituality and religious are two different things.”

To which Jack is back replied thru the LewRockwell.com blog today (2-13-17) with this. He’s still avoiding everything I’m pressing him to answer me on. So today’s retort is below:

“I’m curious (for real) where you get your information. Trump not going for tax cuts? Really? http://www.infowars.com/trump-responds-to-drudge-announces-phenomenal-tax-cuts-in-coming-weeks/

For all your Christianity virtue-signalling, you seem to not acknowledge the miracle of the Golden Toad’s election in the first place. I think GOD has plans for this guy. I think YOU need to stay tuned for the fucking show.”

Now I fully understand the TRUTH to the “Libertarians” Group card from the great card game called Illuminati: New World Order by Steve Jackson Games.