How To Blow Up The ZuckerBORG Cube

It’s time to put the trash on notice. The ZuckerBORG’s latest atrocity against the Free Speech of everyone (with the exception of black terrorists, Islamic terrorists, government terrorists, social junta zombies, transgender loons, and Hillary Feminazis) is literally the jaw-dropping stuff that should only happen in dystopian fiction. In the wake of the Nice attack by a deranged member of the Religion of Peace, independent media uploading video reports on the incident to Facebook were blocked from entering search terms for the reports, terms like Islamic Terrorism. Instead, The ZuckerBORG Collective replaced such banned terms with phrases like Muslims Aren’t Terrorists. Watch it as it happened in real time here.

Facebook is being called the biggest nation on earth now with something like 2 billion users globally. Which makes The ZuckerBORG the virtual dictator of that notional nation. The ZuckerBORG is viciously censoring German Facebook users who criticize the Islamic invasion in Europe. He meets with the Chinese Internet Censors to study how they oppress free speech in China so he can duplicate it over here. Now he’s literally banning the use of words he doesn’t like. While he’s turning off people’s accounts who are warning about the Islamic Trojan Horse that’s already here in America, he allows BLM and any Leftist loon to put up pages advocating the murder of cops, whites, and Donald Trump. It would be interesting to see how long the assassinate Hillary page would last before The ZuckerBORG has the page deleted forever from the memory banks of the Internet, never to be seen again.

It’s time to put The ZuckerBORG on notice. He thinks he’s God and that his users are dumb fuckers and that he’s untouchable.

I want to illuminate the chemically lobotomized to how easy it would be to overthrow the “nation” of Facebook. It’s soooo EASY to kill The ZuckerBORG.

This is how easy it is to blow up The ZuckerBORG Cube. It’s even easier than killing the Death Star. All it takes is one easy step, not one astronomically remote lucky shot. You can do it without having to petition the Force for a favorable outcome. You can do it while jacking off and looking at porn. It’s THAT easy to do. The ZuckerBORG prays to the Silicon Fiend every night that his dumb fucking users never see how vulnerable his house of cards really is.

Have you ever used that red button in your email browser called the Delete button? Pretty simple to use. I don’t think anybody would try to claim using the delete button is outside their realm of the possible when it comes to doing something that makes a difference. Even a trained chimp can use a delete button.

Well, guess what? Email browsers aren’t the only things with delete buttons.

FaceBORG has one, too. It’s in your account settings. It gives you the option to delete everything you’ve got stored on board The ZuckerBORG Cube. That’s the option you want, not the one that just turns your page off and makes it unavailable to the rest of the FaceBORG zombies. You want to blow your page up forever. No redo button. No I changed my mind button.

The easiest way to kill The ZuckerBORG is to delete your Facebook page and walk away forever. Now when one or two do this, The ZuckerBORG laughs and still sleeps soundly at night. But, say, some “Luciferian” or “Snake-like” influence were to suddenly slither inside The ZuckerBORG Collective and start showing all the disgruntled, censored, pissed on users how easy it is to piss on The ZuckerBORG. Let’s say this Snake tempts a whole big chunk of The ZuckerBORG Chumps to hit the delete button. Overnight, poof, a billion users hit delete and go to Steemit.

The ZuckerBORG isn’t going to be sleeping soundly at all when this happens. He’s going to be shitting his non-threatening T-shirts up to the arm pits while doing cartwheels to assure his remaining Chumps that he’s a changed BORG now – he understands now how important ALL opinions as well as lives are. As an added bonus, he’ll now let everybody put up assassinate whoever the fuck you want pages.

But what happens if The ZuckerBORG looses ALL his dumb fucking users?

The answer to that question, for us, is more fun than a barrel of monkeys.

Let me illustrate the way these dominoes will fall.

Scene change to that place where everybody unplugs from Facebook. Deletes their pages, cyber-shreds all content. Then two billion people send a Fuck You email to The ZuckerBORG to let him know he’s about to be the cyber dictator of Jack and Shit. He can’t censor shit if everybody pulls their consent and their content. Those two billion former users go somewhere else – somewhere like Steemit. Ten minutes after the fall of Facebook, the free market cyber anarchists will have real alternatives that don’t spy on and censor you or share your posts with the government. Like I said, The ZuckerBORG is so easy to kill. His platform is worthless without 2 billion peoples obsessive content being posted every second of every day.

This is how to say Buh-Bye to The ZuckerBORG.

The ZuckerBORG Scam is completely dependent upon you continuing to use his geo-spacial intelligence gathering platform. That’s what FaceBORG really is. It is YOUR content that makes The ZuckerBORG a billionaire.

This Super Villain Plan to overthrow the cyber animal farm known as Facebook is so easy and effortless to execute.

Everybody unplug. That’s it. Step One is all the steps you need.

Nobody use the filthy eugenicist platform every again. Don’t just abandon your page. DELETE it. Delete everything. All photos, emojis, EVERYTHING!

Without that content, The ZuckerBORG Ad Scam is worthless to the advertisers. The Advertisers flee The ZuckerBORG Cube in search of the platform everyone else bugged out to.

No Users = No Stock Value!

No Users = No Stock Value!

Now The ZuckerBORG isn’t worth billions anymore. Facebook craters on the stock market. It now has a negative share value, the first in history. The stock actually crashes through the floor of zero and drops to an impossible asking price of negative $10,000 per share! You can’t give this shit stock away anymore. The creditors lock The ZuckerBORG out of his armored underground lair. The ZuckerBORG Wife Unit pawns the ring and flees with the Brood back to the Land of Foxcomm Suicide Nets.

The ZuckerBORG moves into his new digs: a refrigerator box or better yet! A Port-A-Potty that he has to constantly defend around the clock against invasion from vagabonds and street dwellers that is located underneath the perpetual vibrating pylons of the Santa Monica Freeway. Now anybody can do a drive-by spitting on The ZuckerBORG as he is dragged from his porta potty by the very same filthy street trash he was in collusion with the globalists to kill only last week. This week, he’s out of the club because he’s worthless and his platform has cyber tumbleweeds blowing through it. That’s how quickly all The ZuckerBORG’s globalist buddies abandon him with no billions and no bag and no more immunity from Jungle Law.

The ZuckerBORG's new Zip Code.

The ZuckerBORG’s new Zip Code.

Waaaaaaa! wails The ZuckerBORG.

To no avail.

His cries for deliverance bounce off the ears of God.

The ZuckerBORG is banished into a Syrian refuge camp where he is beat like a gong for being an infidel, tortured and gang sodomized by a bunch of psychopathic religious freaks that aren’t homosexuals at all (just ask them) but they kill homosexuals for it is a grave Sin against their Satanic Text (the Koran) to engage in male on male anal adulation. I guess it doesn’t count against the Faithful if the buggering is being done to an infidel or non-Muslim, the kaffir. Every bearded stone age freak of Islam needs to jump off the nearest high rise of their own accord because they’re ALL ass packing homo child raping monsters that are not compatible with a free and open society.

#NWOisDOA. I can escalate to #FuckZuck if necessary. Regardless, this is how to burn Facebook into smoldering silicon slag overnight.

Of course, the thrill of bringing down this NWO flagship will be like mainlining heroin. The masses will want more social media blood.

Once Facebook is down and burning the fate of cyber-Rome, it’s Twitter’s turn. It’ll be amazing how fast these globalist electronic ghettos transform into born again libertarians in the face of what happened to their best bud on the Tech Giant Bloc, Marky Mark The ZuckerBORG. The HD images of ZuckerBORG being chased around that refugee camp sans the ass chaps by foaming at the mouth sodomite Satanists is just too traumatizing. Twitter capitulates quickly as the global revolt against the hidden rulers spreads like the zombie apocalypse on an untameable vector.

Now that’s what I call an a great ending to a great fairy tail.

This scenario is ridiculously easy to achieve if almost everybody commits to the act. It’s easy. Let me show you where the DELETE button is located said the Snake to the eager-to-be-Sovereign WoMan…

And this post just became my want ad.

WANTED: Cyber-guerrillas to be on “standby” to overthrow the biggest “nation” on earth when the call is given. It would be very easy to demonstrate to The ZuckerBORG how precarious his position really is with his dumb fucking users.

The ZuckerBORG is officially SERVED. You’re on notice, punk. Your dumb fucking users can rip your billions away OVERNIGHT. It can happen just that quick.

You better start showing your dumb fucking users’ rights some real fucking respect. Real quick. The temperment in this country for you NWO flunkies is going quickly from bad to worse. At some point, it’s going to be the French Revolution all over again for The ZuckerBORG and all his globalist buddies.

I urge all the dumb fucking users on FaceBORG to send The ZuckerBORG a little love by deleting their page TODAY and prancing on over to Steemit.

Make it so.



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