That Was Then, This Is Now: Reclaiming The Point-Of-Origin

Once upon a time in the Universe just next door…

This isn’t just some whimsical statement I cooked up so I could copy Star Wars or something. I mean what it says. What it says is that our tales take place in the Universe right next door. This universe is almost exactly like ours. But it’s different in little ways. In the story Universe, the giant squid still has not been observed alive at depth in its natural habitat. In our Universe, this has occurred. A Japanese scientist used a robot sub with a video camera and caught a live giant squid in the act.

In the story Universe, the police problem is much farther down the road to pure depredation than it is in ours. Ours will metastasize to this point if allowed to continue on its present course. And in the story Universe, the FBI’s Behavioral Sciences Unit has not been disbanded. In our Universe, it was in 2014.

Pretty Hate Machine is a reboot of my first published novel, which was titled Trigger Points. The publisher dropped the ‘s’ and it went to the book racks as Trigger Point. The publisher was Gold Eagle (the men’s romance wing of Harlequin) and the series was called The Executioner. I wrote four books total. The first three ended up being a “trilogy” of sorts. I’m resurrecting that trilogy again to become the foundation stories establishing the Green Majik bedrock canon.

I have a quantum physics fetish. Our world and universe are much weirder things than we think. I deliberately incorporate ideas I find gleaned from quantum experimentation into the things that happen in the novel. Take, for instance, the idea one can send a thought back in time to oneself. This very possibility has been demonstrated as real phenomenon in controlled, rigorously monitored experiments.

My quantum fetish is completely a result of my reading books by Robert Anton Wilson in my formative years. In fact, the first quote in this book I use from Wilson is also the thesis statement of the series itself. By the time the series story is told, the reader will be acutely aware as to why National Security is the chief cause of national insecurity. Fiction is all about proving something an author believes about reality. This is what I want to prove about the insane world we’re living in. This is the Kool-Aid I want the reader to drink.

It would be nice if enough people starting thinking about National Security from this perspective and thus finally pull the plug on funding the National Security State.

But I digress.

I wrote these two versions of the same story to prove that mass shootings in schools are orchestrated by rogue government elements, either directly or through cut-outs, for the purpose of further securing the National Security State from the threat of unauthorized persons possessing firearms to defend themselves with. This is the real game of rulership and government – creating crisis after crisis which then offers up the same solution every time: increase the size of government and limit civil liberty for safety purposes.

Government exists to constantly expand. Of course, it is impossible for government to expand forever. At some point a critical mass is reached where all productive output is being consumed by the government parasite. All production collapses, government collapses, and chaos reigns. Then a bunch of ambitious power fiends create another government and the whole insane cycle starts again.

That first book I wrote for Gold Eagle opened with the same scene as this book opens with: the schoolyard massacre carried out by the female student. I named her Sadie Hawkins back then, too, but Gold Eagle editors changed it to Ashlee Hawkins. And in that version, she was a high school student, not a nine-year-old girl that loves the Powerpuffs. I wrote this manuscript back in 1998/1999. I turned in the manuscript to Gold Eagle around the first of the year, 1999.

On April 20th, the Columbine Massacre took place. Columbine High School is in Littleton, Colorado. I was living in Aurora, Colorado. My scenario was coming true. Feroze Mohammed, Senior Editor of Gold Eagle Books, called me on the 20th as I was watching the TV news reports, dumbfounded as to what was unfolding at Columbine. Feroze exclaimed, “What the hell is going on down there? This is just like your book!”

I agreed. It was like waking up in the Twilight Zone. Columbine unfolded on the day Hitler was born. The day before the 20th is the 19th. On April 19th, 1775, The American Revolution began at Lexington and Concord. On April 19th, 1992, Randy Weaver was besieged by U.S. Federal agents in Idaho. An FBI sniper blew his wife’s head off while she held their baby daughter in her arms. She was unarmed and no threat to the federal agents. On April 19th, 1993, the Branch Davidians were burned to death by Federal forces at Waco, Texas. On April 19th, 1995, the Murrah Building in Oklahoma City was bombed.

Funny how certain days seem prone for disaster – disasters that are then always used as excuses to disarm, muzzle, imprison, evict, railroad, and bamboozle the public with.

Government is a many tentacled monstrosity just like Cthulhu. And that is the most central horror to discover about all this. When the peels are peeled away the psychopaths running government and the psychopaths that run the psychopaths in government, are all worshiping Cthulhu. In the face of the horrific destruction to the climate these psychos are allowing and willingly participating in, worshiping something like Cthulhu can be the only explanation. It seems that these insane rulers are trying to Terra-form the earth into a habitat that is toxic to human life but hospitable to something else. The earth is being prepared for the arrival of this something else from somewhere else. Since the heaviest geoengineering activity is over California, I can only speculate that this might be the landing zone, where the gate will be opened first to allow them access back into our world.

Yeah, just like Lovecraft warned.

Literally: some hidden gang of freaks is trying to turn this planet into Cthulhu’s hot tub!

Personally, I think Lovecraft should be considered not as a pulp horror writer but as a gifted medium, every bit as equal to the Sleeping Prophet. He was moved to communicate this information to us as fantastic tales of towering horrors just beyond the veil of perception.

Okay, then. Now we’re off to see the Splatterpunk.

Buckle up, Bones. You ain’t seen nothing yet.