In Through the Out DOR

The lightning bolt of “Eureka!” struck again unexpectedly as I smoke an organic tobacco cigarette, a habit adopted purely out of sheer social revolt against the health Nazis running rango across the post-American landscape. That’s what they’re doing! Fukashima. Toxic gas leaks in SoCal. Chemtrails. Aluminum dioxide. Dumping industrial wastes into the water supply and calling it fluoridation. Cancer viruses in the vaccines. Nuclear power plants everywhere leaking, breaking down, on the duct-taped jury rigged verge of total meltdown and invariably built on top of a dangerous fault line. The murder of an entire ocean…

T.H.E.Y. are increasing the DOR Quotient of the planet. DOR is an acronym invented by Dr. Wilhelm Reich. It means Death ORgone (DOR). Death Orgone is the opposite of Orgone – which is the literal energy of Life. Think of it as Chi. That a unique energy called Life exists seems beyond question. To call this energy orgone doesn’t automatically indicate quackery. Dr. Reich discovered orgone could be collected like energy in a battery. He deduced that alternating layers of a metal compound like steel wool followed by a sheet of something organic based like fiber glass had the effect of concentrating orgone like a magnifying glass concentrates light. He built a box a human could sit inside of and bask in concentrated orgone. He deemed the box an orgone collector. He found that using an orgone collector within range of a nuclear plant or high power lines inverted the orgone in the environment and made it anti-orgone or Death Orgone.

DOR is literally the energy of Death. Everything going on in the realm of covert geoengineering of the planet is a program that increases the presence of DOR in the terrestrial environment. So they are converting this planet into an atmosphere absolutely humid with DOR which must be the best climate for whatever it is they’re terra forming the planet to be hospitable towards.

I say again in all seriousness – they’re turning the planet into Cthulhu’s hot tub. Cthulhu must just love to sit around and simmer in DOR. Sipping a Sarsaparilla made from fresh squeezed Holocaust.

The Antidote to DOR is something some of Reich’s contemporaries consider fraud and a misapplication of Reich’s ideas. This is a substance dubbed orgonite by its “discoverer” Karl Welz. Orgonite is a mixture of powdered copper and a resin plastic. I can see the theoretical orgone collector relationship here: a metal compound and an organic one in alternating layers. But with the orgonite, the organic compound surrounds every metal component and the metal component infests the organic. Anyway, certain militant New Agers have discovered that orgonite seems to covert DOR back into living orgone again.

So these guerrilla orgoneers are actually out there tossing chunks of orgonite into the landscapes surrounding cell towers, nuke facilities, high power lines and bleeding the DOR off at the source. According to the forums I’ve lurked, there are psychic corps of the government out harassing and mind warring with these orgoneers who are annoyingly disrupting the program to envelop the atmosphere with DOR.

So, yeah, all of this mopery is going to spill over and across the pages of GREEN MAJIK adventures. And, of course, the doorways into these tributaries of story will invariably involve Special Agent Mallory Hammond in some way. Much to the continuing consternation of her horrified superiors in the Bureau.

The game is afoot.