H.P. Lovecraft –Psychic Medium?

The National Affairs Desk (FEMA Region 8 16 January 2016) Lovecraft rightly deserves to be known as a great American writer of pulp horror. His creations have had effects on succeeding generations that, in many cases, probably would have horrified the introverted Rhode Island author. However, I am compelled to propose that Lovecraft should be considered a bona fide medium as well, on footing at least as impressive as the Sleeping Prophet, Edgar Cayce.

Therefore, if he is classified as a real medium as well as a storyteller, Lovecraft’s dream visions which inspired his stories and told about what has come to be called the Cthulhu Mythos, should probably be considered as psychic in nature rather than purely imaginary. Just how fictional are Lovecraft’s fictions if these tales are based on actual metaphysical realities? That’s the question I keep bumping up against. Lovecraft received his Mythos information via dreams. A lot of psychic types receive their visions via dream-like states of consciousness.

I read a very interesting book that kind of made this very hypothesis.

The book is called The Dark Lord by Peter Levenda. I had long been scratching this suspicion about Lovecraft before reading this book. The book just made me sit up and note there could be something to this hypothesis after all. Levenda takes the reader on a journey that links up the visions Aleister Crowley was receiving from non-human intelligences which resulting in the Book of the Law and the material Lovecraft was developing at roughly the same time. Levenda posits that both men were tapping into the same thing. The book reveals many interesting parallels between the imagery of Crowley and the imagery of Lovecraft.

It is interesting to note that Crowley’s message is essentially pro-humanity where Lovecraft’s visions are dark and the fate of humanity is grim. It is also interesting to note that as a person, Lovecraft was introverted, fearful, a recluse and xenophobe. He naturally looked at the world and universe as a cold, dangerous place. Crowley on the other hand was essentially a tantric. He dived into life deliberately, taking the good and the bad, and using it all as a springboard to divine states of consciousness. Crowley saw humanity as bamboozled godlings who are now entering a New Aeon with the promise of achieving this physical divinity in the near future.

Lovecraft views humanity as puny and powerless in the face of a universe that is dark and alien and bent upon the destruction of the species.

My favorite author, Robert Anton Wilson, made the interesting observation that whatever transmission a nervous system is receiving in the form of visions, dreams, revelations, religious experiences, etc. must be judged on the basis of the neurons the information is being filtered through. In other words, the vision of a New Aeon coming through Crowley’s neurons is going to be much different than the same material filtering through Lovecraft’s neurons. This information will naturally be flavored by the biases of the individual receiving it.

Which, to me, makes perfect sense.

So, the point of this whole discussion entertains the possibility that Lovecraft wasn’t really making things up. Cthulhu is a real entity. Maybe not God, but an extremely powerful consciousness of extra-dimensional origins. A consciousness which really doesn’t like the fact that humanity exists and the potential that humanity consistently exhibits.

For the purposes of detailing the metaphysical realities in the story universe of Special Task Force: GREEN MAJIK – this is the central story premise: Cthulhu is real and it is Cthulhu that the hidden rulers of the world are worshiping, not Satan and certainly not Lucifer or Moloch.

Lucifer is particularly absurd to contemplate for Lucifer as the Christian tradition details is complete fabrication and has no basis at all in the Old Testament. This is the subject of my next blog post, so stay tuned. Lucifer is really smoke and mirrors. Concealing the much more sinister and eldritch truth.

To me, the only explanation for the behaviors of the human power bloc popularly called the New World Order, is that they must be worshiping Cthulhu or something really like Cthulhu. Their behaviors make no rational sense from a purely human survival standpoint. Because if they were making decisions that took into account favoring their own human survival as physical beings on this planet – they wouldn’t be doing the things they’re doing. That they are doing these things is absolute proof that they are all collectively insane.

All the indicators are that they’re fundamentally trying to alter the environment of the planet. They seem to be deliberately trying to turn the planet into a place that is toxic to human life. All the researchers agree that the elites want to kill off most of humanity and these same researchers file this geo-engineering project under that heading. In view of the thesis of my series, the geo-engineering going on is dedicated to making this planet more hospitable in advance of the return of beings like the Great Old Ones. What will turn this planet into a living Hell right out of Dante’s Inferno for humans will make the planet into the paradise spot in the universe for things like Cthulhu. They’re trying to turn this planet into Cthulhu’s hot tub.

That’s the core reality the characters of GREEN MAJIK are on a collision course with.

So file this under the Apocalypse Nobody Dared Suspect.

It’s much worse than St. John alluded to. Alex Jones doesn’t go far enough.

And Lovecraft thought it was all nightmares to write stories by.


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