Chris Carter takes the X-Files where GREEN MAJIK has already left boot prints…

Chris Carter takes the X-Files where GREEN MAJIK has already left boot prints…

National Affairs Desk (FEMA Region 8 13 January 2016) – An article in Entertainment Weekly yesterday reveals the new revamp of the X-Files (season 10) airing this month takes Scully and Mulder down the conspiracy rabbit hole GREEN MAJIK already treads.

Carter is introducing a character based on Alex Jones and Glenn Beck (in our universe, Jones is the real deal where Beck is a flickering hologram) who has a radio show that millions listen to (like and not the Blaze) and this character is warning America about the UN takeover and about the New World Order.

As Carter relates in the interview “The New World Order is relevant.”

That’s quite a statement coming from a Hollywood person.

So my curiosity is aroused by this new direction for the X-Files – tackling the idea of government false flags being used to empower tyrannical government at the expense of individual liberty. So far, it sounds like its right out of Pretty Hate Machine.

According to the trailer, alien technology is involved in the conspiracy to unleash the New World Order. This new conspiracy is linked to the Mythology of the original series in some way the article alludes to but doesn’t reveal.

I’m looking forward to the Alex Jones character but I am still really miffed by the Lone Gunmen being killed off in the final days of the original series. The Lone Gunmen were the best reoccurring characters there were. The spin-off series was brilliant. The first episode was prophetic.

I’ve got a good way of resurrecting the Lone Gunmen in the new series. The twist revolves around Morris Fletcher. He was at the center of the cyclone in the episode that kills off the LG. See, sneaky, slothful Morris has pulled another scam, faking the demise of the Lone Gunmen so he can put them to work inside Area 51 doing his leg work as his indentured nerds.

It’s the kind of thing Morris Fletcher would pull.

I admit I’m not sure if MF got the axe by the end of the series as I haven’t seen much of the final two seasons. I still need to buy those for my collection to complete the series until season 10 comes out on DVD. That’s probably when I’ll watch it, too. When it comes out on DVD.

I don’t watch TV.

I admit the method to my madness in this series (Special Task Force: GREEN MAJIK) is to create a cast of characters who are analogs of my most favorite characters from cinema, TV, genre fiction, comic books, and real life then unleash this rag-tag band against the most fearsome threat to humanity I could cook up. The X-Files is well represented in the GREEN MAJIK universe in the form of Special Agent Mallory Hammond. In a very loose way, she is Fox Mulder in Scully’s body. But where Mulder is a pure Rationalist, Hammond is an Adept. She is actively pursuing a Crowleyan/Golden Dawn path of occult Initiation while chasing the Moby Dick of all paranormal investigations. She will adopt a side kick in the form of Dr. Donovan West (the Matt Hooper of squids), who will be introduced in STFGM #2 Splatterpunk.

In the GREEN MAJIK universe, I don’t have an Alex Jones style underground journalist. I have the original underground journalist. The father of Gonzo journalism himself. Hunter S. Thompson aka Artemis T. Gordon. Sorry, Alex. Hunter rules. Long live Gonzo!

Gordon isn’t flanked by his huge Samoan attorney in this romp; his side kick is his “Tonto with tits” the fallen porn star of yesteryear April Wyne. Her backstory is kind of based on Traci Lords. She’s turned out to be hugely popular with a certain segment of my readership.

By far, the big winner in my New American Mythos, is Jack Carnahan. Anyone who knows popular media figures of the 1970s and 1980s immediately recognizes that Jack Carnahan is my perfect analog of Harry Callahan, Clint Eastwood’s most iconic character in my humble opinion. Jack is so popular that he might get himself a spin-off series of his own. I think it should be called Magnum .44.

I welcome input from the peanut gallery on this one.

My most enigmatic character is the Mack Bolan based figure: Luke Holland. Interestingly enough, Luke Holland is the central character of GREEN MAJIK. He will have a spin-off series of his own called The Exterminator. This series tells the story of Luke Holland before becoming the commander of the super-secret strike unit code named GREEN MAJIK.

I think, when the paperback edition comes out, I’m going to mail a copy of it to Chris Carter. Hey, Chris. Get a load of how I’d do the X-Files.

GREEN MAJIK is a sum much greater than its parts.

Buy the ticket and take the ride.