Some libertarians that are

There’s a little libber outpost on the web I’ve enjoyed reading and contributing to over the years and that is SF writer L. Neil Smith’s “The Libertarian Enterprise” located at url coordinates: I sent him a link to my blogging of late about my ongoing exchange with contributor Jack Perry. His response is worth sharing:

Yep. Just because some people call themselves libertarians
doesn’t mean they are. Like the “party” dipshits who want
to get rid of the non-aggression principle as an identifier.

Of course, the Libertarian Party of the United States doesn’t
have anything to do with libertarianism anymore. I don’t know
about the state parties — here in Arizona a while back we
had two fighting with each other to be the “official” party.
Don’t know how that came out, ’cause I stopped paying attention
to it.

I suggested to El Neil we start calling ourselves the “Leave
Me Alone” Party. Or movement. Or whatever we are.


To which I replied:

Yeah, I like that. Me, I’m going to do what the militant homosexuals did to gay: I’m taking over the word “Libertine.” How about the “Back Off Or Die” Party? I’m giving the NAP a Star Trek Upgrade: it’s the Non-Aggression Directive now. NAD. Take it all away from the frauds and rename it as need be.

See, everything in the world is sloughing off the dead skins, the holograms and the illusions, in exchange for the real thing. The fraud libertarians are being ejected just as the overall fraud, waste, and abuse of secret, unelected government has been given its Final Warning.

Back off.

Or Die.