Judge Antonin Scalia — A Human Sacrifice?

Judge Antonin Scalia’s death on Saturday, February 13th, 2016 has all the earmarks of being a political assassination. But was it also a human sacrifice? Today, the Alex Jones radio show has released definitive proof that Scalia was in Texas as part of a secret society of elite hunters that was based on the ranch he was a guest at. This secret society was reconstituted in 1966 by members of Bohemian Grove, a globalist cult infiltrated by Jones in the late 1990s. The ties between Bohemian Grove, Skull and Bones and the original Bavarian Illuminati are documented.

I spent the drive into the National Affairs Desk today listening to Jones rattle off the connections between the above mentioned shadow organizations and then launch right into the usual boilerplate declaring that all of these secret societies, at the apex or in the 9th Circle, whichever comes first, all of them are involved in the open worship of Lucifer. This is the glue that sticks them all together.

There’s that spook constructed of smoke and mirrors again. I previously blogged on the subject of Lucifer and how this myth is a manufactured fraud of the Catholic Church. So again, if Lucifer is a fraud and the globalists are perpetuating another bait and switch, concealing the true subject of their worship behind the paper tiger of Lucifer – then just who are they worshiping?

The truth is much worse than Lucifer.

Lovecraft was more than just a gothic horror writer.

The game is afoot.


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